pointGREENpictures, Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is an environmentally and socially minded photography and sculpture studio.  We aim to provide top quality “Green” photography to corporate, non profit and magazine clients.  Our all digital studio recycles, uses rechargeable batteries and maintains a paperless atmosphere.  We also recycle furniture and sets in an effort to cut down on cost, refuse and waste

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all images ©Rossa Cole 2010


Rossa Cole's Point Green Pictures
Rossa's recent work has been created as photo montages with the themes of green energy and recycling in mind.  The central image of each montage begins as an original sculpture of found materials created in the studio. The sculptures are themselves statements that embody the concept of a new language in green culture iconography. 

Through Point Green Pictures, Rossa wants to guide the viewer into thinking about the creative side of the green movement.  In this most recent quest to save the world, many forget that the imagination and the muse, not just guilt, are valid ways to entice people into recycling and saving energy. These series of pieces and photo renderings are playful yet powerful invitations to change the way we think and to encourage us to embrace the green movement.
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